Commercial Catering

Commercial Catering

We understand that a gas problem within a catering environment can be costly and dangerous.

At Lincs Gas Services, we pride ourselves on our fast response, local business knowledge and have flexible commercial catering packages all ready to go so that if a problem does arise, you and we know exactly what to do.we are the choice for your catering company.

With each client having a different set up and priorities, we like to get to know our customers so that we can be ready for action as soon as you call.

Our team of local engineers are qualified and experienced in the following:

  • Installations
  • Servicing and Breakdowns
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Catering Trailers
  • Gas Interlocks

We are certified to work with the following commercial catering equipment to the highest standard:

  • Commercial Catering Range Cookers NG
  • Commercial Catering Range Cookers LPG
  • Commercial Catering Pressure/Expansion Boilers NG
  • Commercial Catering Pressure/Expansion Boilers LPG
  • Commercial Catering Fat & Pressure Fryers NG
  • Commercial Catering Fat & Pressure Fryers LPG
  • Fish Frying Ranges NG
  • Fish Frying Ranges LPG
  • Commercial Catering Forced Draught Burners NG
  • Commercial Catering Forced Draught Burners LPG
  • Mobile Catering Fryers LPG
  • Mobile Catering Water Heaters LPG
  • Mobile Catering range cookers LPG
  • Mobile Catering Instant Water Heater LPG